San Mateo County Strong Fund

San Mateo County Strong

The San Mateo County Strong Fund provides immediate financial support during these trying times for those in need. You can direct your donation to individuals/families, small local businesses or non-profits.

San Mateo County Strong Investor Report: March - June 2020

Click to view the San Mateo County Strong Investor Report.


Help Support Small Businesses with San Mateo County Strong

Your donation to SMCU Community Fund for the San Mateo County Strong Fund business grant program will help small local businesses, helping them avoid layoffs and stay open or reopen once feasible. All money donated will stay inside San Mateo County and not one penny will go elsewhere, so you can have confidence that you are helping your neighbors. 

Please visit to donate.

To make a donation over  $10,000 please submit a check to:

SMCU Community Fund
ATTN: Support Services
350 Convention Way
Redwood, City, CA 94063

For information about the grant program, visit the San Mateo County Strong Fund website or contact the SMCU Community Fund.


Thank You to the San Mateo Credit Union!!


SAMCEDA would like to acknowledge and thank the San Mateo Credit Union (a SAMCEDA member) for being a wonderful partner with facilitating the small business financial assistance grant process for San Mateo County Strong.

We are very grateful to be working alongside a local financial institution and appreciate all their hard work in helping our small businesses in San Mateo County. Thank you!!