"Redefining the Narrative"

For 70 years, SAMCEDA has been at the epicenter of where business, policy, and economic decisions are made, not only in San Mateo County, but the entire Bay Area region. We embrace and facilitate the difficult and challenging conversations necessary to maintain a strong, balanced region. SAMCEDA prides itself on bringing accurate and timely information to the forefront so leaders can build consensus, avoid conflict, and implement solutions.

Convening thought-provoking industry experts to share information, foster collaboration through dialogue, and challenge the status quo is one way we encourage positive change.

Elected officials, business, community, and education leaders recently came together to attend SAMCEDA’s newest signature event, Redefining the Narrative, at The Grove – Google Experience Center.

We were honored to have captivating thought-leaders bestow their knowledge to our audience on critical topics:

  • YouTube’s Global Head of Mental Health, Jessica DiVento Dzuban, Psy.D, and Public Policy Manager, Caitlin Niedermeyer, presented the work they are doing with our youth’s online safety & mental health efforts
  • Carla Boragno, former Senior Vice President, Head of Global Engineering and Facilities, Pharma Technical Operations at Roche/Genentech, shared her knowledge of ensuring safety & promoting essential disease research in the life science industries 

Our goal is not for attendees to agree at the end of a SAMCEDA event. Success is when people leave knowing new information, thinking in new ways about opportunities and challenges, and expanding their network of thought partners.

Individual Speaker Presentations


Welcome & Opening Remarks
Rosanne Foust, President & CEO - SAMCEDA


How YouTube Works: Youth Online Safety & Mental Health
Jessica DiVento Dzuban, Psy.D - Global Head of Mental Health, YouTube
Caitlin Niedermeyer - Public Policy Manager, YouTube
(A list of resources on the topic can be found here)


Life Science Labs: Ensuring Safety & Promoting Essential Disease Research
Carla Boragno, Former Senior Vice President, Head of Global Engineering and Facilities, Pharma Technical Operations - Roche/Genentech

(This event was showcased in 2023)

"Redefining the Narrative" - Resources

We encourage you to view and share YouTube’s resources below with your network, colleagues, family, and friends.

Materials for Families:

Digital Literacy for Youth:

  • Be Internet Awesome - In partnership with teachers, administrators, and professional educators, Google helped create this curriculum which is aimed at teaching kids how to be safe and smart online. The curriculum is available to parents and teachers, and helps students understand important lessons like how to create a safe password, avoiding talking to strangers, prioritizing their digital wellbeing, and more. Google’s Online Safety Roadshow showcases this work to middle schools across the country to help teach students how to be responsible online.

General Resources:



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