"THRED Talks"

Weaving the County Together

For SAMCEDA’s Annual Meeting in June 2016, we were looking for ways to best capture the uniqueness of San Mateo County and its ecosystem. This was when the idea of “THRED” Talks was born.

“THRED” Talks was designed to highlight business and community leaders weaving San Mateo County and our greater Bay Area region together through solutions that are innovative, creative, out-of-the-box and to highlight the depth and breadth communities face in identifying opportunities and meeting the challenges that come with change.

“THRED” stands for many things including: Transportation, Housing, Healthcare, Resiliency, Renewal, Recovery, Regionalism, Economy, Equity, Environment, Determination, Development, and so much more.

Complete Presentation

Individual Speaker Presentations

Doug Fleming, JD & Marley Mueller, JD - BKF Engineers

Tim Russell - Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center

Dr. Steven Adelsheim - Stanford University School of Medicine
Christine Zhao - allcove™

Judith Guerrero - Coastside Hope

Rosanne Foust – SAMCEDA



"THRED Talks" Event