SAMCEDA Board Updates

During SAMCEDA’s Annual Meeting featuring “THRED Talks” - Weaving San Mateo County Together event in June 2023, we honored our outgoing Chair of the Board, Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s Sherri Sager and welcomed our incoming Chair, Genentech’s Ariane Hogan.

[ From left to right: Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s Sherri Sager and Genentech’s Ariane Hogan ]

Chair Hogan thanked outgoing Chair Sager for her tireless work and commitment to SAMCEDA:

"Thank you for being an amazing Board Chair, amazing champion and leader of our organization. You have been a mentor and supporter for the Board and staff. You have been the same for our members and the same for the stakeholders in the community as well...we are all grateful for the time that you have committed to SAMCEDA, for the kindness you have shown and most of all, your commitment to not only SAMCEDA but to San Mateo County. You have allowed SAMCEDA to become a strong voice for an inclusive and a resilient San Mateo County economy."

[ From left to right: SAMCEDA's Rosanne Foust, Stanford Medicine Children’s Health’s Sherri Sager, and Genentech’s Ariane Hogan ]

SAMCEDA appreciates Chair Sager for serving as Chair of our Board for 8 years. We look forward to having Chair Hogan!


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Also, SAMCEDA welcomed four new Members to our Board in 2023:

[ From left to right: Recology's Carl Mennie, Hopkins & Carley's Jennifer Johnson, Meta's Juan Salazar, San Francisco International Airport's Dr. Rita Ohaya ]

We are honored and excited to have our new Board Members join SAMCEDA!

Additionally, we want to give special thanks to our former Board Members, Knot Springs Holding Company's Jonathan Scharfman, San Francisco International Airport's Dyanna Volek, and Recology's Mario Puccinelli for their time and dedication to being on our Board.


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