SAMCEDA, Bay Area Council Partner to Open Shanghai Business Office

SAMCEDA is proud to be partnering with the Bay Area Council to launch a “Landing Pad” business office in Shanghai, China. (Visit to learn more about the initiative.) The office will serve as a valuable resource for assisting Bay Area companies and SAMCEDA members with successful entry, establishment and business expansion into the burgeoning Chinese market. It will also promote and facilitate increased Chinese expansion and investment in the Bay Area market and region – from companies looking to open satellite offices, R&D facilities, or take part in the high-growth San Mateo County/Silicon Valley tech industries. China’s growing economic strength presents a tremendous opportunity for individual Bay Area companies. Seventy percent (70%) of Bay Area exports already go to Asia. With strong cash reserves, an economy growing at an annual rate of more than eight percent (8%) in spite of the global recession and an enormous number of emerging middle-class consumers, China is a necessary and lucrative market for many global companies looking to grow their top and bottom lines. With an advanced Internet infrastructure facilitating data and collaboration networks; international ports and airports; and a diverse global population, Bay Area businesses are well-situated to expand into and capitalize on opportunities in the Chinese market. SAMCEDA will offer the suite of advantages and services provided by the new landing pad office to all members as an inclusive new offering/service. The office will assist with educating and apprising members of business opportunities; securing and managing relationships; initiating new local market strategies; and will also serve as short-term floating office space for SAMCEDA members in Shanghai.