Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 7:15am to 1:00pm
Box Inc.

Change is the only constant.  Since the days of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who promoted the viewpoint that we can only understand the world if we understand change, we have struggled to accept, let alone welcome, change.  And yet every day we receive reminders of technological advances that change how we live and play.  How much of your life is now tied to your smart phone?  How you commute, where you have lunch, who you meet and what to buy are all answered by an app on your phone.  But a few short years ago that wasn’t the case.

At our Connect16 Conference, Disruptive Technologies that Change our Communities, we will hear from top technology leaders who are shaping our world and disrupting the way things have been done in business, education, elections, fundraising, transportation – and even sustainable foods. Our speakers will share their ideas, their stories, their passions, what’s captured their current thinking, and the power and creativity of their thinking will challenge us!

Last year, when Stanford D-School founder and designer, David E. Kelley, spoke at the Fox Theatre he was asked, “What’s ripe for technology innovation?” His reply, “Education and government.”  That is a call to action for us.

As local government thought leaders and community change agents, we invite you to Connect16. Let’s look ahead – together! Let’s reimagine the way we might serve people in our communities, schools, nonprofits and county agencies using disruptive technologies!

Assemblyman Kevin Mullin, Supervisor Warren Slocum, Rosanne Foust

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